A Comparison Analysis of the Official Population Estimates and the American Community Survey Results: 2001-2005

Antonio Bruce, U.S. Census Bureau
Alfredo Navarro, U.S. Census Bureau
Bashiruddin Ahmed, U.S. Census Bureau

This paper attempts to assess the impact on American Community Survey (ACS) results of the official population estimates that were used by the ACS as controls for the years 2001-2005. We provide descriptive analyses of the differences between the ACS results and official population estimates before and after the ACS results were controlled to the official estimates. The differences are shown at the national, state, and county levels by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The population universe in this study includes both the civilian and military population in households and excludes the group quarters’ population. Results from this analysis would be helpful for revisiting the ways the weights are developed to adjust the ACS results. Similarly, the geographic level and/or characteristics for which the ACS provides better estimates would help the Population Estimates Program revise its official estimates.

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Presented in Session 123: State and Local Population Estimates and Projections