Friday, March 30 / 12:30 PM - 2:15 PM   •   Broadhurst

Session 108:
Healthy Sexual Development in Adolescence

Chair: Suzanne Ryan, Child Trends
Discussant: Rachel K. Jones, Guttmacher Institute

  1. Going Most of the Way: "Technical Virginity" among Young AmericansJeremy Uecker, University of Texas at Austin ; Nicole Angotti, University of Texas at Austin ; Mark Regnerus, University of Texas at Austin

  2. Conceptualizing Healthy Sexual Relationships: The Role of Parent-Teen Relationships and Peer Relationships in Teens’ Choice of First Sexual PartnersJennifer Manlove, Child Trends ; Elizabeth Terry-Humen, Child Trends ; Erum N. Ikramullah, Child Trends

  3. Friendship Network Quality and Structure and Sexual Behavior in AdolescenceElisa Rustenbach, Pennsylvania State University ; Alan Booth, Pennsylvania State University

  4. Adolescent Identities and Sexual Behavior: An Examination of Anderson’s Player HypothesisPeggy C. Giordano, Bowling Green State University ; Miriam J. Northcutt, Bowling Green State University ; Monica A. Longmore, Bowling Green State University ; Wendy D. Manning, Bowling Green State University

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