Friday, March 30 / 2:30 PM - 4:15 PM   •   Julliard

Session 128:
Contraceptive Use Dynamics

Chair: Ann K. Blanc, MacArthur Foundation
Discussant: Saumya Ramarao, Population Council

  1. Pill Discontinuation and Its Aftermath in 18 Developing CountriesMohamed M. Ali, World Health Organization (WHO)

  2. Preliminary Findings on Migrants-Nonmigrant Differentials in Contraceptive Discontinuation and Contraceptive Switching Behavior in IndonesiaHui-Peng Liew, Mississippi State University

  3. The Effect of Access to Family Planning Services during Antenatal, Delivery and Postpartum Care on Contraceptive Use in the Postpartum PeriodEstela Rivero-Fuentes, Population Council ; Ricardo Vernon, Population Council

  4. Discontinuation and Resumption of Contraceptive Use: Results from the 2002 National Survey of Family GrowthBarbara Vaughan, Guttmacher Institute ; James Trussell, Princeton University ; Susheela D. Singh, Guttmacher Institute ; Kathryn Kost, Guttmacher Institute

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