Saturday, March 31 / 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM   •   Julliard

Session 160:
Cohabitation and Union Dissolution

Chair: Julie E. Brines, University of Washington
Discussant: Pamela J. Smock, University of Michigan

  1. Does Cohabitation Prior to Marriage Raise the Risk of Marital Dissolution and Does This Effect Vary Geographically?Paul J. Boyle, University of St Andrews ; Hill Kulu, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  2. Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Disruption across Time: New Results from the NSFH 3Anna Cunningham, Ohio State University

  3. Do Premarital Cohabitation and Civil Marriage Have a Negative Impact on Marital Stability? Empirical Evidences for the Italian CaseRoberto Impicciatore, Università degli Studi di Milano

  4. The Economic Impact of Cohabitation Dissolution versus Marital Dissolution in Fragile FamiliesClaire M. Kamp Dush, Cornell University ; Elizabeth Peters, Cornell University

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