Thursday, March 29 / 3:30 PM - 5:15 PM   •   O'Neill

Session 52:
Issues in the Measurement of Mortality

Chair: Douglas Ewbank, University of Pennsylvania
Discussant: Ryan D. Edwards, Queens College (CUNY)

  1. Record Measures of LongevityVladimir Canudas-Romo, University of California, Berkeley ; John R. Wilmoth, United Nations

  2. The Narrowing Sex Gap in Life Expectancy: Effects of Sex Differences in the Age Pattern of MortalityDana A. Glei, University of California, Berkeley ; Shiro Horiuchi, Rockefeller University

  3. Evaluating the Performance of Death Distribution Methods for Estimating Death Registration Completeness: Applications to Data from High-Income CountriesKevin J.A. Thomas, Harvard University

  4. Verbal Autopsy Methods with Multiple Causes of DeathGary King, Harvard University ; Ying Lu, University of Colorado at Boulder

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