Friday, March 30 / 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM   •   Westside Salon 3-4

Poster Session 6

  1. Towards the Integration of Immigrants in Quebec’s Qualified Workforce: An Overview of the First Years following Their Arrival and the Effects of Selection PoliciesKarine Bégin, Université de Montréal ; Jean Renaud, Université de Montréal

  2. Determinants of International Migration: Empirical Evidence for Migration to SpainMaria del Mar Cebrian, Universidad de Salamanca

  3. Migration, Socio-Economic Status and Health Dynamics in Developing World Settings, Evidence from Demographic Surveillance SitesMark Collinson, University of the Witwatersrand ; Kubaje Adazu, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ; Ariel Nhacolo, Manhica Health Research Center (CISM)

  4. The Impact of Geographic Cost of Living Adjustments on School Lunch EligibilityDouglas Geverdt, U.S. Census Bureau

  5. Does the Risk for Childhood Diabetes Vary by Community Area in Chicago?Diana S. Grigsby-Toussaint, University of Illinois at Chicago ; Laurie Ruggiero, University of Illinois at Chicago ; Rebecca Lipton, University of Chicago

  6. Population Pressure, Agricultural Resources and Environment: Temporal and Spatial Analysis in IndiaDayanand G. Satihal, J.S.S. Institute of Economic Research ; Pradeep Kumar Bhargava, Population Research Centre, Dharwad, India

  7. A Spatial Examination of the 'New West' in Inter-Mountain West CommunitiesRichelle Winkler, University of Wisconsin at Madison ; Bill Buckingham, University of Wisconsin at Madison ; Don Field, University of Wisconsin at Madison ; Al Luloff, Pennsylvania State University ; Rick Krannich, Utah State University

  8. Sex and Ethnic Differences in Psychological Distress among Older Taiwanese Adults: Relationships over TimeChi Chiao, National Cheng Kung University ; Amanda Botticello, Rutgers University

  9. Mapping and Testing Spatial Clusters of Diabetes in the U.S.Ronald E. Cossman, Mississippi State University ; Jeralynn S. Cossman, Mississippi State University ; Wesley James, Mississippi State University ; Troy Blanchard, Mississippi State University ; Richard Thomas, University of Tennessee Health Science Center ; Louis Pol, University of Nebraska, Omaha ; Erdenechimeg Eldev-Ochir, Mississippi State University

  10. Relation between Diabetes and Certain Morbidities in Elderly Population in Puerto RicoAna Luisa Davila, University of Puerto Rico ; Alberto Garcia, University of Puerto Rico ; Mary McEniry, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  11. Gender Empowerment in the Context of the HIV/AIDS EpidemicKim Deslandes, Université de Montréal ; Simona Bignami, Université de Montréal

  12. Stress and the SES-Health Gradient: Getting under the SkinJennifer Dowd, University of Michigan ; Allison Aiello, University of Michigan ; Mary Haan, University of Michigan

  13. Contextual Factors of STI/HIV-Related Sexual Partnership in Urban North CarolinaMaria Khan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; David A. Wohl, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Caroline Moseley, Guilford County Department of Public Health ; Kathy Norcott, Sickle Cell Disease Association of the Piedmont (SCDAP) ; Jesse Duncan, Triad Health Project ; Sandy Michael, NIA Community Action Center ; Nancy Jackson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Adaora A. Adimora, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Sharon Weir, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  14. Ghanaian Traditional Healers: The Effect of Formalized Training on Their Level of Knowledge of Family Planning and Contraceptive Techniques and Their Attitudes towards Collaboration with Biomedical InstitutionsJuno C. Lawrence, Emory University

  15. Educate a Woman and Save a Nation: The Relationship between Maternal Education and Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan AfricaNyovani Madise, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) ; Eliya M. Zulu, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) ; Zoe Matthews, University of Southampton

  16. Prevalence of Measurement Data on the Impacts of HIV/AIDS among Those Aged 50 and Older: An Examination of Cohort and Period TransitionsJames W. McNally, University of Michigan

  17. Living Arrangement: How Does It Relate to the Health of the Elderly in India?Mitali Sen, University of Maryland ; James Noon, University of Maryland

  18. Marital Status, Intergenerational Co-Residence and Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality among Middle-Aged and Older Men and Women during Wartime in Beirut: Gains and LiabilitiesAbla Sibai, American University of Beirut ; Astrid Fletcher, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  19. Socioeconomic Status and Health: Focusing on Co-Morbidity of Self-Rated Health and Psychological Well-BeingSeung-Eun Song, University of Texas at Austin ; Hyeyoung Woo, University of Texas at Austin

  20. Does Experience Make Better Doctors? Evidence from Lasik and Other Refractive Eye SurgeriesIgnez M. Tristao, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) ; Juan M. Contreras-Tirado, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) ; Beomsoo Kim, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  21. Racial Differences in Infant Mortality by Cause: Florida, 1980-2000Jessica C. Bishop, Florida State University ; Isaac W. Eberstein, Florida State University

  22. Main Factors Associated with College Major Choices of the Undergraduate Students in BangladeshSyeda Tonima Hadi, University of Hawaii at Manoa

  23. The Tie That Binds: Early Marriage and Women’s Empowerment in Two Indian StatesSanyukta Mathur, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) ; Jeffrey Edmeades, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) ; Sreela DasGupta, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) ; Anju Malhotra, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) ; Dipankar Bhattacharya, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

  24. Explaining Race Differences in Student Behavior and Academic Achievement: The Relative Contribution of Student, Peer, and School CharacteristicsClara G. Muschkin, Duke University ; Audrey N. Beck, Duke University

  25. Which State Policies Explain Racial Disparities in U.S. Infant Health?Laura Prichett, Johns Hopkins University

  26. How Do Adolescent Mothers Fare in Later Life? Experiences from Urban vs. Rural Teen Mothers in Colombia, a Middle-Income CountryAndrés Salazar, Universidad de La Sabana

  27. The Impact of Immigration on Child Health: Experimental Evidence from a Migration Lottery ProgramSteven Stillman, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research ; John Gibson, University of Waikato ; David McKenzie, World Bank Group

  28. Marital Relationships and Women’s Status: Intergenerational Effects on Age at First SexUshma D. Upadhyay, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  29. The Impact of Bolsa Escola Program on Child’s Grade Progression Rates in BrazilAna P. Verona, University of Texas at Austin

  30. Family Life Course Transitions and Household Economy in Dynamic Perspective: A Comparative Analysis of Households in China & Northern VietnamFeinian Chen, North Carolina State University

  31. Income Inequality and Health: A Multilevel Analysis Investigating Interactions with (Non)Metropolitan Status, Sex, Income and Race/EthnicitySuzanne C. Eichenlaub, University of Washington

  32. The Effect of Minimum Wages on ImmigrantsPia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas ; Madeline Zavodny, Agnes Scott College

  33. Occupational Sex Segregation in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Insights from the 2001 CensusSangeeta Parashar, University of Maryland

  34. Women’s Educational Attainment, 2000-2005Annette Rogers, U.S. Census Bureau

  35. Has the Child Tax Credit Increased Fertility in the United States?James M. Sallee, University of Michigan

  36. Applying the Current Core Based Statistical Area Standards to Historical Decennial Census DataTodd K. Gardner, U.S. Census Bureau

  37. The Role of Models in Model-Assisted and Model-Dependent Estimation for Domains and Small AreasRisto Lehtonen, University of Helsinki ; Mikko Myrskylä, University of Pennsylvania ; Carl-Eric Särndal, Université de Montréal ; Ari Veijanen, Statistics Finland

  38. Six Global Maps of Urban Land Cover: Comparison and ValidationDavid Potere, Princeton University ; Annemarie Schneider, University of California, Santa Barbara

  39. Assessing the Consistency of Age and Sex Distributions in the Census, the Population Estimates Program, and the American Community SurveyGregory Robinson, U.S. Census Bureau ; Julie Meyer, U.S. Census Bureau

  40. The Lee-Carter Automatic Retrieval Engine (LAR-E): A User-Friendly, Web-Based Implementation of the Lee-Carter Mortality Forecast Method, with ExtensionsWebb Sprague, University of California, Berkeley

  41. Economic Crisis and Ethnic Differences in Desired Fertility: Russian and Tartar Preferences in the Late 1990sKristen Adkins, University of Texas at Austin

  42. A Successful Government and NGO Partnership in the Provision of Safe Abortion Services: A Case Study of Pune District, IndiaSushanta Banerjee, Ipas ; Rukmini Potdar, Ipas

  43. Cohabitation versus Marriage: First Union Formation in HungaryCristina Bradatan, University of Central Florida ; Laszlo J. Kulcsar, Kansas State University

  44. IUD Use in TurkeyDeAnna L. Gore, Florida State University

  45. The Agricultural Transition and Fertility Decline in Developing CountriesEric B. Jensen, Pennsylvania State University

  46. A 2006 National Audit of the Availability of Comprehensive Abortion Services (CAC) in the Republic of South Africa: Availability, Method Mix and Spatial Concentration of ServicesEllen M.H. Mitchell, Ipas ; Mosotho Gabriel, Ipas ; Karen Trueman, Ipas ; Errol Knonko, Ipas ; Edward Cherry, Ipas ; Janie Benson, Ipas

  47. Association between Migratory Experience and Sexual Behaviors among Young Adults in ThailandSureeporn Punpuing, Mahidol University ; Philip Guest, Population Council ; Umaporn Pattaravanich, Mahidol University ; Chai Podhisita, Mahidol University

  48. Mistimed and Unwanted Pregnancies in Bangladesh: Trends and DeterminantsMamunur Rashid, Bowling Green State University ; Naima Shifa, Bowling Green State University

  49. Reproductive Morbidity among Tribal and Non-Tribal Women in India: A Special Focus on Domestic ViolenceRuchi Sogarwal, National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) ; Laxmi Kant Dwivedi, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

  50. Long-Term Consequences of Adolescent Fertility in ColombiaPiedad Urdinola, Universidad Nacional de Columbia, Bogota ; Carlos Ospino, Foundation for the Development of the Caribbean (FUNDESARROLLO)

  51. Attitudes toward Gay Marriage: The Influence of Sociodemographic Characteristics, Religious, and Political AttitudesStacey Brumbaugh, Bowling Green State University ; Laura A. Sanchez, Bowling Green State University ; Steven Nock, University of Virginia ; James D. Wright, Central Florida University

  52. Obesity and the Timing of Cohabitation and MarriageTianji Cai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  53. Fatherhood in Lesotho: The Effects of Children’s Living Arrangements with Biological Fathers and Other Adult Male Relatives on Current School EnrollmentThandie Hlabana, Brown University

  54. Socioeconomic Development and Changes in Life Values and Family Formation AttitudesLi-Shou Yang, University of Michigan ; Yu-Hsuan Lin, Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan

  55. Racial Intermarriage and Divorce in the United StatesVincent K. Fu, University of Utah ; Nicholas H. Wolfinger, University of Utah

  56. How Many African Americans Are Missing? Differential Racial Mortality, Excess African American Deaths, and Lost Population Growth in the United States, 1900-2000Mary Jackman, University of California, Davis ; Kimberlee A. Shauman, University of California, Davis

  57. Predicting Physical and Psychological Abuse for White, Black, and Hispanic Married WomenCarolyn Sawtell, Florida State University ; Isaac W. Eberstein, Florida State University

  58. Are Latinos Becoming White? Determinants of Latinos' Racial Self-Identification in the U.S.Jeffrey M. Timberlake, University of Cincinnati ; Joseph Michael, University of Cincinnati

  59. The Effect of Religiosity on Male and Female FertilityLi Zhang, Texas A&M University