Topics and Sessions

1. Fertility, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health34
3. Low Fertility in Comparative Perspective 16. Changing Family Planning Programs in Asia 28. Intention and Behavior in Fertility and Reproductive Health 32. Fertility Timing: Sociodemographic Consequences 33. Panel Discussion on Politics and Future of International Family Planning Programs: Where Are We, Where Should We Be? 37. Timing of Childbearing 43. Reproductive Health and Potentially Harmful Sexual Practices 44. Gender and Reproduction: Micro-Level Approaches 48. Work and Family: A Father's Perspective 53. Contraception 60. Mismatches between Fertility Intentions and Behavior: Causes and Consequences 61. Religion and Family Formation in the United States 67. Religion, Religiosity and Fertility 75. Abortion I 84. Fertility Trends in Low Fertility Societies 96. Ideational Factors in Fertility Behavior and Change 101. Fertility Declines: Rapid, Slow, Stalled 102. New Perspectives on Low Fertility 104. Making Sense of Sex, Risk, and STDs/AIDS 107. Short and Long Run Consequences of Childbearing 116. Couple Dynamics, Sexual Behavior, and Family Planning 117. Comparative Perspectives on Adolescent Fertility 121. Alternative Pathways to Parenthood: New Reproductive Technologies, Adoption, and Stepparenting 128. Contraceptive Use Dynamics 130. Sexual Behavior, Sexual Networks, STDs 137. Fertility, Family Planning and Reproductive Health among Immigrant or Minority Populations 142. Emerging Knowledge about Sexual Behavior in Diverse Settings 150. Fertility Declines: Patterns and Causes 151. Gender and Reproduction 157. Intentions and Behavior Related to Contraceptive Use and Childbearing 163. Transition into Fatherhood 170. Abortion II 172. Adolescent Sexuality and Fertility among Immigrant or Minority Populations 176. Reproductive Health in Asia and Africa: Vaginal Practices as Potentially Risky Behavior
2. Marriage, Family, and Households26 3. Children and Youth12 4. Health and Mortality28 5. Race, Ethnicity and Gender12 6. Migration and Urbanization17 7. Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality13 8. Population, Development, and Environment6 9. Population and Aging6 10. Data and Methods8 11. Applied Demography4 12. Other Topics9 14. Poster Sessions7