Saturday, March 31 / 12:30 PM - 2:15 PM   •   Duffy/Columbia

Session 167:
Immigrant Adaptation

Chair: Kimberly Goyette, Temple University
Discussant: Lauren J. Krivo, Ohio State University

  1. Racial and Ethnic Differentials across the Generations in Home Ownership and Housing TypeMonica Boyd, University of Toronto ; Ann H. Kim, York University

  2. Intermarriage and Immigrant Income Assimilation in Sweden 2003Martin Dribe, Lund University ; Christer Lundh, Lund University

  3. Pace and Trajectory of Immigrants toward Homeownership: Variable Rates of Translating Human Capital into Residential Integration from 1970 to 2000Dowell Myers, University of Southern California ; Zhou Yu, University of Utah ; Michael Haan, University of Alberta

  4. Beyond the Shadow of White Privilege? The Socioeconomic Attainments of Second-Generation South Asian AmericansIsao Takei, University of Texas at Austin ; Hyeyoung Woo, University of Texas at Austin

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